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The health quality of the milk is directly related to the hygiene on the farm, so it will depend on the hygiene of the facilities in general and in the milking in particular, as well as a good routine in the milking and a correct operation of the equipment.

Is for that, TESIS GALICIA, has developed a specific product lines for CLEANING AND DISINFECTION IN DE FARM.

•We have a careful selection of hygienizers for the udder preparation before de milking.
•We have hygienizers solutions for the udder sealing appropriate and tested effectiveness.
•We have a wide range of products (alkaline chlorinated, acid, disinfectants food grade…) specially indicate for a optimal cleaning and disinfection in the farms.

In the link http://www.crtvg.es/tvg/a-carta/labranza-21-08-2011 you can see from the 14:24 minute the report-interview:

A desinfección das instalacións, imprescindible para mellorar a calidade do leite “

issued by the Television de Galicia within the program A Labranza the 21th August 2011.